Solo project / Spazio Buonasera, Turin (IT) / 2018

Leone is the first solo project by Woc to be conceived and produced specifically for an exhibition space. The title is a clear reference to the name of influencer Chiara Ferragni's son.
Leone Lucia Ferragni is an Italian media and socio-anthropological event, the first case of national participatory gestation, a reminder of the predictions of family nucleus extended to the whole society predicted by Charles Fourier in "The New Amorous World".
The artist selected two images that became public on the same day thanks to Instagram and Facebook: the first photograph of Leone together with his parents and the first post of the day published on the Facebook page The Wings of Smile.
The two works are graffiti made with the use of a spray can, a medium that allows for extemporaneous and spontaneous free expression both in public space and within the confines of an exhibition space. Woc's choice to report the content of low-resolution photographs on large format shifts the focus to the communicative and political value of those images. The exhibited works thus investigate and problematize both the univocal and distracted reading that is usually given to news images shared through social platforms, and the gap between generations X (the fans of the page The Wings of Smile), Y (such as Woc, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez belong) and Z (Leone's generation) in the economic and communication field. If Generation X has left Generation Y with a society devoid of values and references, Generation Y has subjected its offspring to media overexposure and pillorying even before the subjects of the photographs could have a say.

Text by: Carolina Gestri
Photography: Marco Schiavone

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  • LEONE (Installation view) / Spazio Buonasera, Turin (IT) / 2018

    Leone / 300 x 300 cm / Spray on wall / Spazio Buonasera, Turin (IT) / 2018

    Buonanotte / 200 x 300 cm / Spray on wall / Spazio Buonasera, Turin (IT) / 2018