Anna Frank è un falso storico, lo dice un tipo su Nemo

Group show / GSF Contemporary Art, Turin (IT) / 2019

The title of the exhibition draws attention to the cruciality of the social world and the mechanism of transmission of news and information through the web. The artists involved aesthetically investigate this issue with different techniques and approaches but with an underlying coherence that reveals an aesthetic homogeneity rooted in a total conception of art that radiates in numerous spheres and with a close relationship with Trap culture.
Woc exhibits a series of works intended to be a kind of synthetic review of the media images that have most affected the artist in the past year.
They range from the famous photo of Stefano Cucchi's corpse, a symbol of a drama that has become media, to the cat Wilfred, made so famous on social networks that he has become a real icon because of his ridiculous appearance, and then to Olindo and Rosa, protagonists of the crime news, portrayed in a large diptych. With his spray technique, the artist stages the images exactly as they appeared on the Web, making eternal an iconography otherwise destined to be engulfed by the rapidity of Internet communication.

Curated by: G Pillola and Jack Out
In collaboration with: Charlie / Ermanno Brosio / Federico Caputo / Marcopolo

No photos available, only good memories ;-/