L’ultimo amore

Solo Project / Ualuba.org, Brescia (IT) / 2020

Starting from the hagiographic booklet on Silvio Berlusconi's "Una Storia Italiana", sent to the Italians' home during the 2001 electoral campaign, Woc selects and elaborates heirloom texts and images, uncritically and apolitically.
An exhibition without flags and banners: the figure of Silvio Berlusconi is used merely as a ploy.
A pinch of nostalgia, a reference to the imagery of the 1990s, a kitsch-camp romanticism that flows into trash and stereotype together with a subtle and sharp irony that permeate all the works in the exhibition and is present in much of the artist's production. The title of the exhibition "The Last Love" is a quote from the 2006 eponymous album by musician Mariano Apicella, to whom Silvio Berlusconi has extensively collaborated writing the lyrics.

Curated by: Federico Palumbo and Francesca Disconzi

External link:

  • ualuba.org

  • Untitled / 150 x 300 cm / Spray on wall / 2019

    Untitled / 250 x 300 cm / Spray on wall / 2019

    Untitled / 70 x 70 cm / Spray on canvas / 2019

    Untitled / 21 x 29,7 cm / Spray on wall + Pencil drawing / 2019